Improve Sexual Endurance – Are These Killing Your Sexual Endurance in Bed? | sexuality

Do you remember the last time you were happy with your sexual endurance in bed? There is no better feeling than being able to satisfy your girl during intercourse. It is a huge boost to our egos when we outlast our girls – right?Conversely, do you remember the last time you finished way too soon in bed? Do you remember how that felt? The intense feelings of ineptitude far out way the good feelings associated with being a marathon man – don’t they?Remember, you can improve your sexual endurance in bed. Don’t let these three myths destroy your sexual endurance in bed:#1 – Pills are the best way to improve sexual endurance.Fact – there are no FDA approved pills that are proven to increase your sexual stamina in bed. There are many brands of pills whose labels boast of their pill’s ability to make you last for hours and hours. Nonetheless, there are no FDA approved pills that have proven to accomplish this.#2 – Distraction techniques help us last longer in the bedroom.Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not. Think about it. Is a technique that enables you to last longer in bed in bed by thinking about something else and therefore not fully enjoying “being in the moment” during intercourse really the ideal option? The truth is, we can actually learn to enjoy the complete splendor of intercourse AND manage to learn to maintain phenomenal control over our ejaculation at the same time.#3 – Premature ejaculation is a disease that has no cure.Again, not true. This issue can be clinically diagnosed as a sexual ailment, but it is in no way a disease or illness. There can be many causes pertaining to this issue, but it is important to note that most of them lie within the subconscious level. If truth be told, with the appropriate conditioning and mental re-training, guys can effortlessly reverse a lifetime of ejaculation troubles that are rooted from our early years when we first discovered our own sexualityFACT # 2 – Since a lack of sexual endurance can be largely due to psychological underpinnings, behavioral or natural conditioning methods that focus on the mental triggers of ejaculation are the best ways to PERMANENTLY increase sexual endurance.What to do next to improve sexual endurance: